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3 Best Automatic Lawn Mower - Mow Up To 5,000 Square..

Robotic mowers that cut the grass while you chill

1) DEVVIS Two Year Warranty 5th Generation Robot Grass Cutter E1600T For Big Lawn 300m,300pcs pegs,24pcs blade

DEVVIS E1600T Other Functions:

1.Auto Recharged

The robot mower will come back for recharging when in low battery.


Set up one week(from monday to Sunday,once for Each day)cutting schedule from control panel or from your Smartphone)

3.Anti-theft function

Mower has password protetion option to guard against theft.what's more,the mower can not be turned on without a charging sation.

4.Pressure sensor

If child sits on the mover, it stops working within 2s.

5.Rain sensor There are Two Rain Sensors loctated on the mower,the mower will go back to the charing sation automaticly when raining.

6.Lift sensor

If the mower is lifted from Ground,it will stops working within 1 secondif the mower is lifted from Ground,it will stops working within 1 second

7.Tilt sensor

When the Mower is tiled over 30 degrees in any direction,it will stop working within 2 seconds

8.Bump sensor

It will activate when the mower strikes solid,fixed object when that object is at least 6cm in vertical height from the supporting surface of the mower,when the bump sensor activated,the mower will back up for working. 9. Emergency Stop Switch

There is an emergency button located on the top of the mower and in Red color

10.Cutting height easy adjustable (2.5-5.5cm) 11.Overload protect

The brushless cutting motor and each of the two running motor are monitored continuously during opeartion for any situation may cause these motors to over-load in the event this detected,the mowers stop operation.

12.Water-proof water-proof design

There is an inner cover under top cover which protect inside parts from Humidity. The waterproof Class is IP54 13.LCD display

14.Virtual wire

The longest can be 600m

15.Two Cutting modes(Working Route)

There are two cutting modes,one is go straight,and other one is go circel(high efficiency)

In Auto,Mower selects Cutting mode Intelligently

it goes straight if the grass is dense or long.

In Manual mode,the mower will go where you direct it.

2) Husqvarna Automower® 430X Robotic Lawn Mower

Product Description

Discover the World Leader in Robotic Mowing, Automower® 430X.

Experience Automower 430X, a robotic lawn mower that gives you a beautifully cut lawn with just a few finger taps (or a few words). Husqvarna Automower 430X uses a GPS-assisted navigation system, an autonomous mowing cycle, and a superior cutting system to mow your grass frequently; achieving healthier grass and an excellent cutting result, 24/7. Automower 430X mows up to 145 minutes on a single charge, and when the battery gets low, using 2 available patented guide wires, it automatically returns to its charging station to recharge. Automower 430X is suitable for highly complex, medium to large yards with varying slopes up to 45% and grasses to be cut at 0.8” – 2.4” in height. This premium robotic lawn mower can be controlled using the Automower Connect mobile app via your smartphone and any Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. This package includes the Husqvarna Automower® 430X Robotic Lawn Mower and all needed installation materials.

3) Low Noise Remote Control Lawn Mowers Crawler Mower Farm Garden Agricultural Machinery for Sale

Gasoline remote control lawn mower

1. This is an intelligent lawn mower, which can save manual mowing time 2. The machine comes with 2 blades, an extra set (that is, 2 blades) will be given as a gift when shipped 3. Wooden box packaging to protect the machine 4. The machine is very flexible, and the remote control range can reach 50m 5. The mowing width can reach 550mm, the height is 10-150mm, and the Working slope can be 0-30°.

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