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Baby Playpen With Playground

Foldable playpen, protective grille crawling grid, kids activity centre with swing, 16-panel playpen with children's slide and basketball hoop, blue, 184 x 185 x 63 cm

Baby Playpen with build in swing, slide, ball pit, basketball, clipboard, game board, rocking horse.

  • Easy to erect and setup with multiple different configurations to keep things fresh and fun

  • Comes with anti-slip and anti-scratch pad to protect both your kids and the floor.

  • Made with strong and steady material to ensure lasting use and safety of the children.

  • Built in security lock that prevents your baby from escaping into unwanted areas

  • Specially designed slide, rocking chair and swing to ensures the best safety standards.

  • Build in drawing and game board for additional learning and practicing better motor skills.

  • Fence height: 65cm*180cm*200cm

  • Multifunctional fence: with slides, swings, basketball frame, balls and BB sound button, 16 plates, free to disassemble and assemble products as needed. Offers a wide range of playing possibilities. Meet the needs of growing children.

  • FOLDABLE DESIGN & ADJUSTABLE SHAPE: Our playpen can be divided into 16 pieces. By increasing or decreasing the number of panels, you can combine them into squares, rectangles, hexagons or octagons to create different sized room for your children.

  • NON-SLIP PAD OR TEAT & SAFETY LOCK: Doe bottom of each panel is equipped with a non-slip pad or suction cup that forms a stable base that prevents the playpen from slipping. The external locking gate is very safe and a great feature to protect your baby.

  • This activity centre is made of high quality HDPE materials, is BPA free and EN71 certified so it does not harm your baby's health. With 16 panels, the playpen is large enough to allow at least 3 children to play in the safety playground.

  • FUNCTIONAL BABY PLAY CENTER - The activity centre is designed to promote children's mobility and exploration ability and provide them with independent free space. Our products can effectively protect your baby from damage, so mothers can not worry.

Product description

If you are worried about which toy to buy for your two children of different ages at home, then do not hesitate to order this product. It can meet the different play needs of children aged 1-3 years. You can set up the game activity centre outside so that your 3 year old child can play, and the fence inside so that your 1 year old child can play, so that both children can discover the fun of playing. Or you can combine both together and place them indoors so they can use the toys together. In short, adjust it as you need. Dimensions: Total size: 184 x 185 x 63 cm. Slide size: 147 x 42 x 98 cm. Small panel size: 37 x 63 cm. Material: HDPE. Load capacity of the swing: 45 kg. Playpen size: 147 x 185 x 63 cm. Swing size: 78 x 88 x 119.5 cm. Door/playing field size: 73 x 63 cm. Suitable age playpen: 0+ years old. Slide: 2+ years old Swing: 1-3 years old. Slide capacity: 50 kg. Net / gross weight package 1:12/15 kg. Package 2:13.2/16.4 kg. Box contents: 1 playpen, 1 slide, 1 swing, 1 ball, 1 instruction manual (English language not guaranteed), 1 basketball hoop

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