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GameSir cell phone controller X2, Joystick for cloud gaming, Xbox, STADIA pass, xCloud

Officially licensed by Xbox – specially designed for Xbox cloud gaming on Android smartphones. Enjoy mobile games to the fullest with GameSir X2 Pro - a Xbox quality mobile gaming controller. X2 Pro perfects your mobile gaming experience beyond a console by making it possible anywhere. anytime, for everyone.

  • PORTABLE: Come with the classic X2 series carry case so you can pack X2 Pro into a bag with your most important gaming accessories, be it wireless earbuds or power bank, whether as home decoration when playing home or as a protective storage bag during gaming on the go.

  • Unlimited adjustment: X2 Pro has 2 sets of thumb pins, thumb pin cap, ABXY buttons. Set the layout and buttons you like. Therefore, different players can adapt it to their own playing style in different games and give their best.

  • XBOX GAME PASS ULTIMATE: Get 1 Month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate FREE with purchase from X2 Pro. Only valid for new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Unless you cancel, the current regular member price will be provided at the end of the promotion period.

  • Cloud gaming & native gaming: supports almost all popular cloud gaming services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and Amazon Luna. Hundreds of popular mobile games including COD Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Diablo Immortal, and more.

  • INSTANTLY ADJUSTABLE BACK BUTTONS: The X2 Pro has been developed for professional level mobile gaming and has 2 additional back buttons so you can assign your valuable in-game actions in the middle of the game in no time at all. Program and use immediately, no software required.

  • Play your Xbox and PC anywhere from a distance: play with X2 Pro remotely on your Xbox and PC while you are at your desired location in the room or from home. Supports almost all popular remote streaming functions such as Xbox Remote Play, Steam Link, Rainway and Moonlight.

  • Analogue hall effect trigger: Experience the gentle, perfect control of acceleration and brake in Forza Horizon 5 with the analogue reverb effect triggers that are accurate to 0.1 mm - everything is in perfect control with your fingertips.

  • ALPS 3D JOYSTICKS: Equipped with Alps 3D joysticks, the X2 Pro gives you a smooth, precise 360° control. In addition, the clickable L3/R3 buttons provide additional input options for the game, so you can enjoy an improved gaming experience.

  • KAILH MICROSWITCH BUMPERS: Developed with Kailh Microswitch Bumpers, the X2 Pro offers responsive and tactile feedback with a reduced actuation distance of only 0.6 mm, about 40% less than the normal membrane controller

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