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Gamingmousepad:RGB Gaming Mouse Mat with Wireless Charger ( Best Gamingmousepad

1) RGB Gaming Mouse Mat with Wireless Charger - 800 x 300 x 4 mm - XXL Mouse Mat with 7 LED Colours Plus 3 Effect Modes Speed and Precision Desk Mat for Computer PC Professional Gamers

About this item

  • RGB mouse pad: high-quality LED mouse pad, built-in wireless 10W fast charging, intelligent detection of chargers 10W/7.5W/5W, compatible with all Qi standard wireless chargers. The QC 3.0 adapter is recommended to achieve the best performance.

  • 10 lighting modes: the XXL gaming mouse mat has 7 monochromatic breathing modes, 3 rainbow breathing modes and flowing circle modes. A touch button can easily switch the LED mode, get a visually impressive display of colours and effects, press the button for 3 seconds, the mouse pad will turn off.

  • Spacious and comfortable: large 800 x 300 x 4 mm ultra-thick provide great comfort for your wrist, it is enough to fit your keyboard and mouse. The keyboard pad is made of natural rubber, the surface is waterproof coated and the stitched edges make it more durable. No unpleasant smell, non-toxic and no hazardous substances.

  • Safe and reliable: the wireless charging mouse pad has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit, etc., safe charging, protection against abnormal power failure / high, intelligent detection of foreign bodies.

  • 【Friendly Reminder】Powered by a micro USB cable 1.5m (Note: adapter is not included, recommended adapter QC 3.0/18W). When connected to a computer or laptop to charge, the charging efficiency is very slow. Plug and play, no driver required. Easy to use and safe.

2)GIM RGB Gaming Mouse Mat XXL LED Mouse Mat Large 800 x 300 x 4 mm 10 Lighting Modes with 10 W Quick Charge Qi Wireless Charging for Mobile Phone, Headphones

About this item

  • 10 lighting modes and extra size: this extra thick LED RGB gaming mouse pad has 7 static light modes and 3 dynamic modes, the bright light makes your gaming atmosphere warmer and more atmospheric. The size of 800 x 300 x 4 mm fits all types of keyboards and mouse and offers plenty of space for your operation. Best idea for game or work.

  • 10 W Qi fast charging function: an extra surprise is that a 10 W quick charging panel is integrated into the LED mouse pad. So your headphones, mobile phone, smart watch etc., as long as your devices have Qi wireless charging function, can be placed cheaply on the mouse pad and quickly charged. The integrated surge, temperature control and short circuit protection system provides the ultimate safety guarantee for your devices.

  • Plug and play and one button control: the RGB LED mouse pad is easy to use thanks to simple plug-in, powered by USB. Simply control the on/off and mode change via the touch button on the mouse board. Press once to change the lighting mode, press twice to change the brightness, press and hold for about 3 seconds for on/off.

  • Ultra smooth and waterproof surface: it has a high-quality micro-textured improved gaming experience, so you can enjoy the ultimate precision in the most passionate game. The mouse pad has a water repellent coating to prevent accidental damage from spills. It is easy to clean when liquid splashes on the pad.

  • Non-slip 5 mm thick: with a rubber base, the mouse pad sits super firmly on the table. Professional edge stitching combined with waterproof material has a long service life and is fray-free. The 5 mm thickness ensures its dimensional stability (so no waving). This mouse mat made of highly elastic natural rubber is non-toxic and has no hazardous substances.

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