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Mini Vintage Electric Popcorn Machine

It is great for movie nights and parties! This unit pops up to 12 cups of movie theater-style popcorn per batch, whether movie time or snack time to keep popcorn buckets full. It is a perfect gift for your family & friends. The Unique popping chamber design creates swirling airflow that results in fewer un-popped kernels.

About this item

  • Fresh popcorn at home - Bring the wonderful scent of fresh popcorn into your home. This magnificent retro popcorn machine is a real eye-catcher and perfect for any party

  • Perfect to take with you - The Gadgy Popcorn machines are not only perfect for home, but also ideal for travelling. Simply bring the small popcorn machine to the next party and delight your family and friends

  • Fat free and healthy - no more greasy popcorn and bad conscience! This popcorn machine produces crispy popcorn through the circulating hot air - without butter or oil. So you can enjoy delicious and healthy popcorn at any time

  • Easy to use - Place the popcorn kernels in the pop corn machine and press the start button. You can enjoy fresh popcorn in no time. To clean, simply wipe with a cloth and you're done!

  • Individual – If you want sugary popcorn, you can simply add sugar, butter, salt, oil and much more to your finished popcorn and adapt it to your taste

Nostalgia popcorn kits: The unit works perfectly with these Nostalgia popcorn kits – try the theater hot air Kit and the reusable popcorn bowls.

Healthy snacking: The unit uses hot air instead of oil to pop kernels to create an oil-free, guilt-free snack.

Measuring cup: Includes measuring cap to easily make sure you use the proper amount of kernels for each batch.

Specifications: Material: PP+metal Size:Approx.166*236*387mm

Package Included: 1x Popcorn Maker

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