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Electric Floating Mop for Floor

Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2022

Hurricane Floating Mop Electric Floor Mop - Battery Mop for Effortless Wiping, Scrubbing and Polishing - Ultra Light Mop with 3 Different Microfibre Pads

The motorized spinning mop! The Floor Police™ Motorized Spin Mop scrubs away messes the fast and easy way! It spins at 100 RPMs to do all the cleaning and sanitizing so you don't have to. The secret to its cleaning speed is the powerful electric motor and rechargeable lithium battery that lasts long enough to clean your entire home. Just add any disinfectant to the dual cleaning pads and watch it dissolve and disinfect everything in its path. Includes 3 sets of machine washable and reusable pads.

• Cleans & sanitizes up to 10X faster than ordinary mops

• Swivel head reaches even vertical surfaces

• Lightweight & cordless

Effortless cleaning - With 100 RPM spinning power, the mop wipes, scrubs and polishes as if it were on its own, even on vertical surfaces such as steps and baseboards.

Slim design - The battery-powered mop reaches even hard-to-reach places with its slim shape and is so light that it can easily be used with one hand.

Powerful Battery - Compared to non-motorized mopping systems, floor sweeping is up to 10 times faster. The 90-minute battery life is enough for the entire house.

All floors - The highly absorbent microfiber pads are also ideal for sensitive floors. The floating mop is suitable for tile, laminate or as a floor wiper.

Contents and box details - 1 x Hurricane floating mop, 2 x special microfiber pads for wiping, scrubbing and polishing, 1 x charging cable.

Elektrische Wet & Dry Mop Reinigung Kopf Mop Boden Kopf Pinsel Für Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 Drahtlose Staubsauger zubehör

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