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USB EMERGENCY Manual Phone Charger

Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear Hand Crank Generator USB Cell Phone Charger

  • Designed with LED indicator, you can easily see if the emergency phone charger generates power, you can use it as an emergency light source.

  • Shake easily and charge easily.

  • Designed with a USB port, you can easily use it to your phone, MP4

  • With USB interface and 1 LED lamp bead. The standard USB output can be charged by itself with the USB data cable of the mobile phone/digital device.

  • The LED light can be used as a warning and emergency lighting.

Proposal: It is best to treat this product with the psychology of a small toy, the effect is not great for High-power devices and Apple phones.

  • Standard USB interface, 5V output, suitable for charging various USB devices and mobile phones;

  • Red LED lights for both indication and emergency lighting;

  • New electronic components, in the emergency time, do not let the phone power failure;

  • Small and light, easy to carry;

  • Can be used as a mobile phone charging toy when boring, can also be active activities for a long time working hands, decompression.

1 x USB Phone Emergency Charger For Camping Hiking Outdoor Sports

Material: Plastic

Application: Outdoor Activities, Daily Use

Suitable Device: Universal

Maximum Output Voltage: DC5.5V

Maximum Output Current: 600mA

Interface type: USB

Size: 60 * 49 * 31mm / 2.4 * 1.9 * 1.2in (L * W * H)

Weight: 60g

Input: DC 5.5V 600mA

USB ports: 1

Output: DC 5 V

Certification: CCC

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