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Video Controller Smart Ring⁠

DEMAXIYA Bluetooth Smart Ring, Short Video Control Up and Down, Video Like Mobile Phone Selfie with Remote Control, Video, Magnetic Charging, IPX8.55 mm

Like the video, you can paint the phone to watch a video while lying down. You do not need to lift your arms, wear a smart ring and control your phone instantly, like a short video you like and send a little red heart.

Take photos and videos, take beautiful selfies from afar, take photos from afar without selfie stick, record videos, wear smart rings and easily record short videos.

Easy to change music, play/pause music, play next song, wear smart ring, just touch with fingertips to access music play, pause, next song and other functions

Super waterproof, IPX8 waterproof, you can wear a ring to wash your hands and swim. 1.5-30 meters away from the water surface for 30 minutes without affecting the performance and no water ingress

Magnetic charging, there is a magnetic part inside the smart ring, it can be charged with a light touch, it can be charged for 90 minutes, it can be used for 12 hours and the standby time is 6 days

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